History & Artisanship

The City of Florence is internationally renowned as the birthplace of the Renaissance. The innovators who shaped the world with their accomplishments in the arts, sciences, literature and finance were also responsible for establishing Italy as the centre of what we now call the leather industry, a position which it has consolidated throughout the centuries. Tivoli has inherited and developed these traditional skills by grafting modern techniques and the very latest technology to the expertise of the classical artisan. Tivoli has established itself as a leading manufacturer of leather goods, trusted by its A-list clients and prestige luxury brands for more than 25 years. Its reputation has been built on the highest standards of service, quality, value, research, technology and craftsmanship. Our services encompass rigorous quality control; state-of-the-art production; total sourcing (materials and hardware); the required production of samples; pre-ticketing and direct world-wide shipping.